Case Study A

Assessing payer landscape for large biopharma player entering a new competitive specialty market.

A large biopharma player acquired an asset with the plans of commercializing it in the next two years. Though one of the largest and most competitive therapeutic areas in specialty, this player had limited familiarity with the market access dynamics of this space. They asked APERTURE to bring out a deep understanding of this space to characterize the market access environment today and how it would evolve. This included likely payer trends, competitor strategies, and potential market triggers. We also proposed potential pricing and contracting options and how they would play out. The client came away with an objective assessment of potential strategies and a plan to prepare their organization for launching into this space.

Client Situation

The client was in Phase III with a multi-billion-dollar asset they had just acquired. Having done little market research as to the commercial potential of the product, they engaged APERTURE to conduct a market assessment. This assessment was to be focused on the payer landscape for the product’s primary therapeutic area and the resultant pricing and contracting implications for the asset.


APERTURE examined the current and future market access landscape for this therapeutic area. We developed likely market scenarios at launch, including upside and downside cases, and assessed new entrant likely positions and tactics.

We also estimated competitor pricing strategies and contracting postures, including current formulary positions with top plans, and developed proforma gross-to-net models for each player.

Finally, APERTURE proposed potential list and net price options for the client to consider. This included qualitative and quantitative implications, necessary conditions for each, and what patient segments could be sought.


With a minimal need for primary research, the client gained a realistic assessment of the market access situation for the product and competitive landscape. This work was essential for informing forecast assumptions and to align internal stakeholders on the market potential for the asset. It also served as a roadmap for the organization as they prepared for launch.

Client Testimonial

“This is exactly what we needed—a deep understanding of the marketplace and the strategic agility to connect the dots. He gets it.”