Case Study C

Supporting a mid-sized biotech to prepare their market access launch plan and evaluating pricing strategies.

A mid-sized biotech player needed expertise in evaluating potential pricing options for their in-market product as they prepare to launch into a much larger indication. APERTURE also developed a comprehensive market access strategic roadmap and launch plan including budgets, organizational design, and activities for each function.

Client Situation

The client is a mid-sized company with a product in an orphan indication and is preparing to launch the same agent into a large indication with a sizeable patient population. The VP of market access needed to determine what pricing and contracting options they have given the higher dosing, larger eligible population and likely greater payer budget impact and scrutiny.

The client engaged APERTURE to identify and evaluate potential pricing options, build out a gross-to-net (GTN) model to support the forecast and to market access launch readiness plan.


To identify potential pricing options, APERTURE examined recent similar launches and mapped price to the eligible population to understand pricing expectations for the new indication. Analogs in other therapeutic areas we identified with similar market dynamics to learn from.

APERTURE characterized the likely pricing and market access environment at launch to align with the assumption for financial analysis including alternative launch scenarios. An assumptions-based GTN model was used to compare potential pricing options and their implications for revenue.

Finally, a market access launch plan was crafted including key deliverables by functional group, the timing of activities, key questions to address budget and headcount estimates. Points of collaboration were mapped and a proposed organizational structure was shared.


The engagement provided a fact-based approach to identify a pricing strategy for the new indication. The gross-to-net model served as a key input into the three-year plan and budgeting exercise. The market access plan was a strategic roadmap for the organization as they ready for launch. APERTURE was engaged to help the organization prepare for launch and to execute critical launch deliverables.

Client Testimonial

“Aperture has been a true partner in our pre-launch and launch execution. They provide extensive industry, market access, and pricing experience that has made a measurable difference in our execution. Their strategic insights, cutting-edge solutions, in-depth research, and timely work reflects their personal approach to consultancy."