Case Study B

Leading a team of industry experts to help a large pharma client identify innovative financing approaches to solving global affordability challenges.

APERTURE was brought in by the client to lead a team of diverse market experts. The team was to help the client identify, pressure test, and further refine innovative financing options to address patient and health system affordability challenges across their franchises.

Client Situation

A well-established large pharma player initiated a C-level project to develop and pilot innovative financing programs to support their portfolio of products in key global markets. The goal of these programs was to address affordability and assess challenges with payers and patients. The client had engaged a larger market access consulting firm to conduct a landscape assessment of innovative financing programs but needed a seasoned expert to help them prioritize and realistically develop two or three potential pilots to execute.


APERTURE took the lead in working with a diverse group of external experts and a large cross-section of client team members. Through a series of workshops and concept development sprints, our team identified, refined, and prioritized financing concepts in a short amount of time.

The process began with an ideation workshop to solicit input and perspective from a broad set of stakeholders, followed by a feasibility assessment workshop to pressure-test a shortlist of affordability concepts. Finally, we facilitated a detailed tactical discussion of final concepts and developed a process for actualizing them at the local market level.


More than 10 concepts were identified during the ideation workshop. Through the feasibility assessment and team reviews, one type of financing model was prioritized for further rollout. Our workshops enabled the stakeholders to weigh in on concepts as they were being developed and created an orientation towards action and ownership within the organization.

The client was provided with the tools they needed to gain senior leadership buy-in for the program, the process to roll it out, and the criteria for selecting markets and products where this program may solve an affordability challenge.

Client Testimonial

“Asif has been phenomenal. We have gotten really good insights and he has been very, very responsive while actually pushing us to get things done.”